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Nasa Mars rover: The perseverance robot launches to detect life on the Red Planet – Mars – Life on Mars – Newshour

Nasa Mars rover: The perseverance robot launches to detect life on the Red Planet – Life on Mars – Newshour

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The US robot, a space-based Perseverance agency has left Earth determined to try to find life on Mars.

1000 KG, six-wheeled rover was launched out of Florida by the Atlas rocket by way of crossing the Red Planet in February the following year.

When it falls, the NASA robot will once again collect samples of rock and soil to be sent home later in the decade.

Persistence is the third goal passed to Mars within 11 days, after being introduced by the UAE and China.
Nasa performs this function as one of the most important activities in the case of the coronavirus, establishing special functions to ensure that tolerance meets the deadline.

Persistence is targeted at a vessel over 40km, near the equator called the Jezero Crater.

Rocks: Scientists say the rock formations in this area are a good opportunity to preserve evidence that things that happened in small things in the past – if they really existed on Earth.

Duration: Persistence will take at least one Martian year (equivalent to nearly two Earth years) to investigate the possibility.

Unlike the previous four rovers that Nasa sent to Mars, its new device is equipped with direct access to life, either current or in form.

Evidence they find will likely prove to be inconclusive, which is why researchers want to return whatever Preseverance they find at home to in-depth analysis of what only the world’s laboratories can do.

The rover will therefore incorporate its very amazing rock discovery into smaller tubes. Several mixing of future activities will begin later in the decade to try to obtain these samples.

In addition to research into the creation of the earth and the search for life, there is an emphasis on human exploration of the future.

The Moxie tool will be used to make oxygen from the atmosphere controlled by Mars’ carbon; and there are even samples of spacesuit objects placed inside to see how they cope with the dynamic nature of the earth.

How does persistence fit into the broader goals of Mars?
We know from the quest for early life on Earth that the evidence from time to time is contradictory.

Therefore, even if endurance stumbles on a rock that seems to have been designed by Martha’s ancient biology, it will probably require confirmation from Earth’s analytical tools that are much higher than the smaller versions of the rover.

That’s why Perseverance’s most important task will be to put a pack of its most interesting rocks in a small amount of steel and leave them on the ground in the Jezero Crater.

NASA and the European Space Agency (Isa) intend to retrieve the tubes with two more machines planned to leave Earth by 2026.
It is an amazing task involving a second rover, a Mars rocket and a large satellite to send sample tubes home, to find them here in 2031. “You could argue that what we’re going to try to do is as complex as the arrival of Apollo Moon – considering the complexity of the robots involved,” David Parker, director of human testing and robotics at Esa, told BBC News.



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The app automatically communicates with anyone at risk of COVID-19 infection.

Northern Ireland has become the first part of the UK to launch a coronavirus tracking app.

It has a few logical details of those who get symptoms of the virus.

The application will continue once the phone-based tracking system is in place and will identify those at risk of infection.

It has been downloaded for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play for android cell phones.

StopCOVID NI (Application) will be officially launched on Friday but will be available for download on Thursday afternoon.

Within an hour of its release, hundreds of people had downloaded it to their cell phones.

Northern Ireland’s Minister of Health, Robin Swann, said that when more people download the app, it uses the tool effectively in response to local coronavirus.

“This can be the most important thing you do all year round,” he said.

“It can prevent you from spreading the virus to the people you care about.”

How does this work?

After a good Covid-19 test result, one will receive a unique code via text message.

That message will invite the person to enter the code when using the app.

Encoding will create a “Bluetooth handwake”, allowing the app to notify another user who is close enough to be at risk of infection.

“There will be people who will be able to use or don’t want to use the app, and that’s fine,” said Dan West, digital information officer at the NI Department of Health.
“The more people use it, the more it protects the community. We can say for sure.”

The application is intended for people over the age of 18 initially due to a conflict between data protection laws and the need for a secure protection permit.

The Health and Social Services Board meets with the children’s commission, the office of the information commissioner and the Child Law Institutions to find out.


There is a lot of talk about the importance of getting tracking apps to work across borders – but among them Northern Ireland and the Republic have done it, the world first.

Their apps, developed by the same engineer, were designed to be compatible but most importantly it was an agreement to share the details of people who tested positive.

What we don’t know yet is whether the app will work – for now. There is not enough evidence from around the world to show that a technological approach to communication is effective.

However, the NHS in England, who are abandoning their initial modeling process used by StopCOVID NI, will be monitoring developments in Northern Ireland.

The great secret of the functionality of coronavirus applications
Includes people who have a positive test result over the phone.

People who were within 2m of 15 minutes or more are called and advised to isolate or tested if they have symptoms.

The app is an addition to that, to help with tracking, and to raise awareness of those who may be vulnerable.

The pure authenticity of these two high-profile Faqeeh companions proved that the 12th Rabi’ul Awwal

For a long time, the opponents of Miladunnabi (peace be upon him) have been propagating to dispel it, “There is disagreement with the date of birth”. The one who narrates is the Prophet’s own uncle Hazrat ibn Abbas Radi’Allahu Anhu.

Hafiz Hadith Hadrat Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shayba (may Allaah have mercy on him), who narrates in the Hadith Shari’ah in pure charity –

Meaning: Narrated by Affan Rahmatullahi alaihi, he narrates from Sa’id ibn Mina rahmatullahi alaihi that Hazrat Jabir and Hazrat bin Abbas al-Radd Allahu Anhuma said that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was Allah’s Messenger (।).
[Source: Musannaf ibn Abi Shayba; Bulbul Amani Fei Sharhil Fatehir Rabbani ‘Vol 2, 1 p., Printed in Beirut; Al-Bidah One Nihayyah ‘, vol 2, printed on Beirut]

This Hadith Sharif is His Rabbi –
★ Hazrat Affan Rahmatullahi Alaihi
★ Saeed bin Mina Ramatullahi Alaihi
★ Hadrat Jabir RadwiAllahu Anhu
★ Hazrat ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him).

The last two are the Companions of the narration, Radi Allahu Anhu. The Hadith is narrated from them in Bukhar-Muslim itself. The Muhaddis have said of the first two narrators,
1. “Affaan is a high level reliable Imam, with a strong memory and strong conviction”
[Source: Tahzib 21 pages printed in Beirut]
2. “The second narrator Sa’id bin Mina. He is also very reliable.”
[Source: Kholasah 3 p. And Takwarib 124 p.]

The pure authenticity of these two high-profile Faqeeh companions proved that the 12th Rabi’ul Awwal is the Holy Milad Day of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Therefore, no historian of the next era, the author, of different ideas, ideas or hypotheses, or any astronomer (such as Mahmud Pasha), could not be seen and accepted in the face of such pure narratives. Because the above certificate is the smallest and most complete. None of the dates that are heard other than the 12th date are mentioned in the certificate.

Who wants us to know why those who shout “Saheeh Hadith” all day and to whom, in the interest of this whole Saheeh Hadith, hide it from ordinary Muslims ?? Is there any answer?

Therefore, the 12th Rabiul Awwal of Hadrat Zubair Ibn Bakr, Imam Ibn al-Asakir, Imam Jamal Uddin ibn Zu’i and Ibn al-Jazeera confirmed that ‘Izmah Ghosh’ is reliable and that the researcher imams’ on this day is the World Milad Day.
[Source: Mayhabul Ladunia; Sirat e Halabiyah, vol. 1, p. Jarqbani Alal Mawahib I Vol. 12 p. Shaykh al-Muhaqquqib Dehlavi by Ma-Sabata Minas Sunnah 3 p. Nawab Siddiqib Hasan Khan Bhupali Ahl Hadith by Shammah-i-Ambiyah.

Among the other books in which the 12th Rabiul Owl is found,

** The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was born on the 12th of Rabiul Awal on the 12th year of the elephant incident.
[Siratun Nububiyah ibn Qasir Volume 1, p. 2, Beda al-Nehayya, vol. 2, p.

** Tabrani’s comment by Imam ibn Jarir: –
Ibn Jarir Tabrani writes that the Prophet (peace be upon him) was born on the 12th year of Rabiul Awal.
[Date Tabari 2nd volume 122 p.]

** Remarks of Mohammed bin Ishaqqab (85-151H) and Imam Ibn Hisham (213H) and Mohammed bin Jawazi:

** Mohaddis ibn Jawazi writes that Imam ibn Ishaqb narrates that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was born on the eleventh year on Monday.
[Al-Ofa I vol. 1 p., Sabulul Huda Aiyar Rasad I vol. 1, p. Asiratun Nabubiyah I vol. 1]

** Imam Bayhaqbi:
Famous Mohaddas Imam Bayhakabi writes: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was born on Monday on the 12th of Rabiul.
[Dalai’ul Nabuwat vol. 1 p.]

** Ibn Kasir:
Ibn Kasir in Sharh Moawahib has reported that most of the ulama is well-known to the 12th Rabiul Awal.
[An Namaatul Kubra 202 p., Siratun Nubu’iyyah 1 vol. 3 p. U wn Al Asr. 9 p. 20 p.

Only the Wahhabis and Deobandis oppose it. One of them, I see the comment of the scholar

** Wahhabis
Nawab Siddique Hasan Khan Bohapalvi, the father of Ahlul Hadith Firkah of the Indian subcontinent, referred to as the 12th Rabiul Awal. [Ash Shu’amah Tul Ambiya Fe Maulid Khair Al Bariya p.

** Deobandis
Mufti Shafi Usmani, the author of their most renowned scholar Tafsir Ma ‘Riful Qur’an and one of the authors of “Fatwai Deoband”, commented on the 12th Rabiul Awal. [Siraat Khatamul Umbia Page 1, Nadiyatul Qur’an Publications, Chawkbazar, Dhaka]
He adds in the book,
“The 12th Rabiul Awal is a famous opinion. Hafiz Ibn Hajar has claimed Izhar over Askalani. Mahmud Pasha Misri, who has taken that date by counting. An unquote statement against most of his credible opinions. Because the moonroof space is different, there is no reliability on the calculation that is based on it

Top 8 Engineering Universities in Pakistan

Top 8 Engineering Universities in Pakistan

University, a place for the young and energetic students of the nation to learn, absorb, experiment and implement the knowledge. It’s a career-boosting phase for them. Students even during universities prefer to do part- time jobs to pay their fees and other expenses. The top-notch careers of the learners lies in the engineering sector where the engineers use models of science together with their new ideas and produce better structures and designs to assist humanity. Jobs in engineering field are one of the highest paying jobs. Top Engineering Universities in Pakistan.

This increases the importance of the decision to be made by the students when selecting their engineering universities. They can’t afford to make a mistake at this point of the career.


The top eight HEC ranked engineering universities of Pakistan are listed below:

1. The Quaid-e- Azam University
2. The National Univerisity of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
3. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)
4. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institue of Engineering Sciences and Technology.
5. University of Engineering and Technology.
6. National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences.
7. Mehran University of Technology.
8. NED University of Engineering and Technology.

1. Quaid e Azam University

It is one of the most prestigious universities in the country located at university road in Islamabad. It is well-known for its research work, advancements in the field of technology, interactions with internationally well- renowned universities like University of Tokyo. It is ranked in the top eight universities nationwide but also is counted in top 700 universities globally and have given big names to the country in the form of engineers.

2. The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

NUST is administered through Pakistan Armed Forces and its main campus is located in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad. Founded in 1991, NUST has made its place at national and international levels. It is ranked #440 in the world. NUST offers academic programs ranging from Bachelors to Ph.D in many fields of engineering such as Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Avionics Engineering, Geoinformatics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering e.t.c.

3. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Located in the scenic countryside of Islamabad, it is a federally administered public university working in different engineering disciplines. It offered programs like BS, MS, MPhil and PhD but its post graduate programs are top of the list. It has been ranked no. 1 by HEC in the year 2006, 2012 and 2013 and 397th worldwide. It also works in the field of nuclear technology and is one of the oldest universities of the state.

4. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institue of Engineering Sciences and Technology

It is one of the top-notch private universities of Pakistan located in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa. One of the emphasized academic disciplines include engineering it is ranked #21 country wide and 4497 globally. This university is a centre of engineering excellence and has produced talented graduates. Also offers various academic undergraduate programs in the field of Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Sciences.

5. University of Engineering and Technology (UET)

Established in 1921, the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) is a public university placed in Lahore, Punjab. It is one of the most discerning engineering institutes in Pakistan. UET is ranked among top three engineering universities nationwide and #701 worldwide. Offers academic programs ranging from bachelors to Ph.D level in the field of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical and polymer engineering.

6. National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences( FAST)

FAST has rooted its campuses in five big cities of the nation and has its campuses at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Chiniot- Faisalabad. They are nationally and internationally recognized for their research work. It is a privately run university established in the year 2000. FAST offers under graduate, graduate and post graduate programs in the field of electrical engineering, software engineering and civil engineering.

7. Mehran University of Technology

A public research university located in Jamshoro, Sindh, focuses on STEM education. It was founded in 1963 and is ranked 5th by HEC. It offers Bachelors’ degrees in seventeen disciplines out of which fifteen disciplines are related to the field of engineering. Naming a few are civil engineering, environmental engineering, software engineering, electronic engineering, textile engineering, chemical engineering e.t.c.

8. NED University of Engineering and Technology

The Nadirshaw Eduljee Dinshaw University of Engineering and Technology is a public university located in the lifeline of the province of Sindh, Karachi. It founded in 1921 by a Parsi landowner. Sukkur Barage is the miracle of the civil engineers graduated from this university. It offers academic programs in the field of civil ad petroleum engineering, mechanical and manufacturing engineering and electrical and computer engineering. Its ranked among top 200 universities of the world and 9th by HEC.


These universities are serving the engineering sector of the country since decades. They have striving and putting in their efforts to produce alumnae to boost and heighten the performance of the engineering sector of the nation. I have tried to cover most of the information related to thw top engineering universities in Pakistan. You can comment below for any further querry.

Top 8 Countries Offering Free Education

Top 8 Countries Offering Free Education

Do you have a dream to study abroad like all other students don’t you?
Obviously, it’s everyone’s desire to seek higher education from overseas. Experiencing new places, meeting new people, and learning about others’ customs and traditions has always been one’s dreams.

So, what if I tell you that these dreams can be fulfilled with zero efforts and income? How?
Then check out the complete list of the Top 8 countries offering free education for the locals and the foreigners. Yes, this is today’s topic for you guys! So, stay tuned with me!

1- Germany

When it comes to high quality education with a unique standard, Germany tops all other countries every year in this regard. That’s why every student dreams to go to Germany for seeking education. Any degree obtained from Germany is accepted anywhere in the world with the utmost admiration.
All the public universities in Germany charge as less as zero tuition fee at all. So, a foreigner can easily put up with the study dues there no matter what!

However, there is a nominal administration fee that is charged but it is of the same merit as we pay the annual fee in any DU college. So, why not to study in Germany this year?

2- Norway

If you are a little bit aware of Norway, you may know that living expenses in Norway are so much more than an average person can afford. Well, it’s a fact.
However, if you want to do study abroad, then definitely I would recommend you to go Norway. Surprised with it?
Well, that’s because study is the most affordable thing there.

The state universities and colleges do not charge anything for study at all as a rule. So, students can take advantage of higher education, though, if not from all other expenses over there.

3- Belgium

Belgium is a country that is famous for its lower study expenses. If you want to study abroad but you have a lower budget to meet the study expenses, then you should experience studying in Belgium. As it consists of multi-cultures, a student can learn really more about different traditions.

Belgium has ranked at number 1 of the safest, the most peaceful country in the world.

There are so many universities in Belgium that rank really high when it comes to quality.
There are 7 universities in the QS world that rank in top 500, and among them, there are 4 universities that rank in top 200.
So, when it comes to quality education, then Belgium is entirely a good option to go with.

4- Finland

Being a citizen in the European Union or European Economic Area or even of Switzerland, you can have extra advantage about studies. How? Well that’s quite simple. Being a citizen of the above mentioned locations, you need not to pay anything at all about the studies. And what’s more? You will get more student facilities along with quality education.

Moreover, if you have got a fixed term residence permit in Finland or a EU Blue Card, then you are more likely to get more student services.

5- Austria

The tuition fee in Austria is depended on a few variables that are like where are you from and which university do you choose, whether a private or a government university.
Moreover, if you belong from EU or EEA country, then that’s quite relaxing for you as there will be no study charges or tuition fee for you to pay.
So, you can complete your study course within the given timeframe or even with two extra semesters, this is all allowed to you as a free candidate.


As according to Germany, France is not that affordable when it comes to study. However, it also offers very low charges to students regardless of their nationality. These charges are same as they are free for students. Furthermore, technically university fee does exist, however, it is the fraction of the total fee that is charged in all other countries for providing education.

What’s more to know is that the additional charges may increase the expenses of education for EU or EEA students particularly if you choose engineering or medicine to study.
So, you can think about going to France for your higher studies. If it’s not free at all, then it’s not that much expensive to afford.
What do you think?

7-Czech Republic

Czech Republic has one of the best advantage for students that any other country can provide. Guess what it is?
It is the law of free education. Yes, you read it right!

Czech Republic provides free education for all the students. All you need to do is to learn their native language.

Also, you can study in English only by paying 70,000 in local currency with a nominal tuition fee.

If you are willing to study here, then it is the best option as the living costs are also quite affordable for the students.

Likewise, it is the centre of education as the oldest university was found 600 years ago. The quality of education here is never called into question. This is the best quality of Czech Republic.
These universities are increasing in number as these are 26 public universities along with 13 private universities.

There are two state-run universities that are Police Academy and University of Defense.
I’m also suggesting the names of universities that are much cheaper than one can think.
These are Charles University, Palacky University Olomouc, Czech technical University in Prague, Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology and also University of West Bohemia.
So, you can join any of these universities for higher quality education with the cheapest expenses.


In Greece, education is free for the locals and for the foreigners who live and work in Greece. Although it is not a big country, yet there are 17 universities along with 30 technical institutes. Though they are mostly used for political reasons than for academic purposes.


So, the above listed are Top 8 countries offering free education to both the locals and the foreigners. Which country do you like the most for your higher education?