Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Is India making “Big Five” to isolate Pakistan?

Is India making “Big 5” to isolate Pakistan?

Pakistan and India have always intense issues on political grounds, but cricket has never been away from regional politics. Bangladesh recent tour to Pakistan was not confirmed till the end statement made by highest sports officials that It was India who is trying to stop Bangladesh from touring Pakistan.

Pakistan and Hindustan have much complex issues but they always play politics on cricket with Pakistan. Hindustan for decades not playing with Pakistan on ICC official plan. Previously they made Big three with India, Australia and England have all control on International Cricket.

India is now planning to for big 5 while taking all major cricket nations onboard. In this conversion only Pakistan will be the target and would be harmed. Previously only three cricket playing nation were having autonomy and control over cricket body. Big five in Cricket.







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