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Top 8 Countries Offering Free Education

Top 8 Countries Offering Free Education

Do you have a dream to study abroad like all other students don’t you?
Obviously, it’s everyone’s desire to seek higher education from overseas. Experiencing new places, meeting new people, and learning about others’ customs and traditions has always been one’s dreams.

So, what if I tell you that these dreams can be fulfilled with zero efforts and income? How?
Then check out the complete list of the Top 8 countries offering free education for the locals and the foreigners. Yes, this is today’s topic for you guys! So, stay tuned with me!

1- Germany

When it comes to high quality education with a unique standard, Germany tops all other countries every year in this regard. That’s why every student dreams to go to Germany for seeking education. Any degree obtained from Germany is accepted anywhere in the world with the utmost admiration.
All the public universities in Germany charge as less as zero tuition fee at all. So, a foreigner can easily put up with the study dues there no matter what!

However, there is a nominal administration fee that is charged but it is of the same merit as we pay the annual fee in any DU college. So, why not to study in Germany this year?

2- Norway

If you are a little bit aware of Norway, you may know that living expenses in Norway are so much more than an average person can afford. Well, it’s a fact.
However, if you want to do study abroad, then definitely I would recommend you to go Norway. Surprised with it?
Well, that’s because study is the most affordable thing there.

The state universities and colleges do not charge anything for study at all as a rule. So, students can take advantage of higher education, though, if not from all other expenses over there.

3- Belgium

Belgium is a country that is famous for its lower study expenses. If you want to study abroad but you have a lower budget to meet the study expenses, then you should experience studying in Belgium. As it consists of multi-cultures, a student can learn really more about different traditions.

Belgium has ranked at number 1 of the safest, the most peaceful country in the world.

There are so many universities in Belgium that rank really high when it comes to quality.
There are 7 universities in the QS world that rank in top 500, and among them, there are 4 universities that rank in top 200.
So, when it comes to quality education, then Belgium is entirely a good option to go with.

4- Finland

Being a citizen in the European Union or European Economic Area or even of Switzerland, you can have extra advantage about studies. How? Well that’s quite simple. Being a citizen of the above mentioned locations, you need not to pay anything at all about the studies. And what’s more? You will get more student facilities along with quality education.

Moreover, if you have got a fixed term residence permit in Finland or a EU Blue Card, then you are more likely to get more student services.

5- Austria

The tuition fee in Austria is depended on a few variables that are like where are you from and which university do you choose, whether a private or a government university.
Moreover, if you belong from EU or EEA country, then that’s quite relaxing for you as there will be no study charges or tuition fee for you to pay.
So, you can complete your study course within the given timeframe or even with two extra semesters, this is all allowed to you as a free candidate.


As according to Germany, France is not that affordable when it comes to study. However, it also offers very low charges to students regardless of their nationality. These charges are same as they are free for students. Furthermore, technically university fee does exist, however, it is the fraction of the total fee that is charged in all other countries for providing education.

What’s more to know is that the additional charges may increase the expenses of education for EU or EEA students particularly if you choose engineering or medicine to study.
So, you can think about going to France for your higher studies. If it’s not free at all, then it’s not that much expensive to afford.
What do you think?

7-Czech Republic

Czech Republic has one of the best advantage for students that any other country can provide. Guess what it is?
It is the law of free education. Yes, you read it right!

Czech Republic provides free education for all the students. All you need to do is to learn their native language.

Also, you can study in English only by paying 70,000 in local currency with a nominal tuition fee.

If you are willing to study here, then it is the best option as the living costs are also quite affordable for the students.

Likewise, it is the centre of education as the oldest university was found 600 years ago. The quality of education here is never called into question. This is the best quality of Czech Republic.
These universities are increasing in number as these are 26 public universities along with 13 private universities.

There are two state-run universities that are Police Academy and University of Defense.
I’m also suggesting the names of universities that are much cheaper than one can think.
These are Charles University, Palacky University Olomouc, Czech technical University in Prague, Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology and also University of West Bohemia.
So, you can join any of these universities for higher quality education with the cheapest expenses.


In Greece, education is free for the locals and for the foreigners who live and work in Greece. Although it is not a big country, yet there are 17 universities along with 30 technical institutes. Though they are mostly used for political reasons than for academic purposes.


So, the above listed are Top 8 countries offering free education to both the locals and the foreigners. Which country do you like the most for your higher education?

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